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Successful Collaboration with nAscent Art at our Annual Party

Recently at our Cocktails over the Park event at the Steelcase WorkLife Center, we teamed up with nAscent Art to make our theme of pop art become a reality. Jen, along with her dedicated team sourced and provided some fun pieces for the party space, along with a digital collage featuring many of nAscent art’s talented artists.  nAscent Art made the party come to life!

A little bit about nAscent Art:

– James and Jen co-founded nAscent 10 years ago from a passion for art

– Jen Wallace, nAscent Art’s director of art, provides expert art consultation on art plans for lobbies, offices, and hotels, emphasizing contemporary artwork by living artists.

– nAscent works with interior design and architecture firms, as well as directly with companies and hotels, to provide art by the world’s best emerging artists.

– nAscent often works with local artists to bring an authentic, grounded sensibility to a space.

– nAscent projects are known for exceeding budget expectations without exceeding budgets, seamless execution, and wowing clients.

Contact nAscent Art to enliven your workspace with beautiful artwork!



Neocon 2017 Steelcase Showroom

Don’t miss this quick, fun, one-take video of the Neocon 2017 Steelcase space that won Best Large Showroom at NeoCon 2017!

Hosts Nic Ecarius and Chris Dalambakis give a complete tour of the space.

Contact Waldners for more details on these products!


Learning About The Office of the Future!

Waldner’s had a great time at the Bisnow Office of the Future event on June 21! We exhibited Steelcase’s BrodyWork Lounge, Gesture chair, slim table and buoy. The BrodyWork Lounge especially excited people, as it is a very new and exciting piece of furniture that allows workers to focus in their own space in the office.

Throughout the event there were many different panel speakers that gave their professional insight on how they see office space used in the future. They explained that businesses are going to see an increase in mobility in the office. People want the ability to move from their desk, to the lounge area, to the conference room throughout the day, in order to keep the juices flowing and stretch their legs. Also, they explained that as technology becomes more and more embedded in our everyday lives, many people have the ability to work from home, however they choose to work in the office because of how much they enjoy the environment. With the help of furniture, we can diversify our offices and make coming to work a exciting and enjoyable experience. The office of the future seems to be a great one and we cant wait to see how the ideas drafted at this event will play out in the future!


G100 Companies sound masking scape system collaborative media Rye Farmingdale Midtown Manhattan NYC Waldner's portfolio

Live From LICREE

Waldner’s exhibited at the Long Island Real Estate Expo on March 16th! Being the only furniture provider there, we created a buzz along the show floor as well as a refuge for tired feet. For our booth we wanted to highlight some of our versatile furniture pieces such as the Brody, Buoy, and the Massaud Lounge. But, the biggest hit was the Steelcase WalkStation–a treadmill with a built on desk:


Jenny-Lynn Georgiades, our VP of Sales and Design spoke on an exciting panel discussing the Evolution of the American Workplace, alongside Andi Moeder, Associate Director for Workplace Strategy at Jones Lang Lasalle and Sandra Timmoney, Manager of Global Operations at OpenLink. They spoke about the transformative methods recently being used to provide cost-effective utilization of space and increased engagement of  workforce. They covered the challenges of in-place transformation using a case study of Openlink, a Long Island software developer that recently underwent this process.


Here’s a snippet from the presentation:




RYE Business Expo: We Were There!

The Rye Business Expo was on Thursday, March 17th and Waldner’s was there to participate in this year’s big showcase!

Our exhibit was all about having the ability to connect when you want to and disconnect when you need to. And what better way to highlight that idea, than using the Brody. It is no secret that the ability to focus is a real challenge for today’s workers and students. We get interrupted or distracted every 11 minutes and it takes over 23 minutes to get back on task.

Connect when you need to


The Brody is designed for your body, brain, and business. It creates an environment that curates power, ergonomic comfort, personal storage, and lighting—so you can focus your attention, get into flow and get work done.

Disconnect when you want to

rye business expo


We had so many people come to our booth and fall in love with the Brody. Almost everyone said the same thing:

“I need this in my office. I would be able to get so much more work done!”

There was even one woman who took a photo of the Brody and sent it to her boss.

rye business expo

It was truly an amazing experience. We’re all looking forward to next year!


-Your Friends at Waldner’s