We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… What can’t Jay Waldner do!

Waldner’s Principal, Jay Waldner, is opening up a 27-court pickleball facility located in Stamford, Connecticut. The 80,000-square-foot complex used to be the home of a Saks Off 5th department store in the Stamford Town Center. Now, it’s being converted into one of the largest indoor pickleball venues in America.

What sparked your interest in Pickleball and led you to open a Pickleball Venue?

I have been playing pickleball for over 15 years at home on our sports court with friends and family. What led me to play was that the court is smaller, and it’s a game that made everyone more equal compared to other racquet sports. You serve underhand and use a plastic whiffle ball, so the speed of the ball is significantly reduced. The idea of opening a pickleball venue fell into my lap when I was introduced to a developer who wanted to do some type of pickleball facility. Once we came across the mall location, the floodgates opened, and the grand idea to open 27 courts was a reality.

What’s your fondest memory of pickleball?

My fondest memory is our neighborhood coming to our house every Wednesday night over COVID and playing pickleball outdoors during the summer. They would bring food and drinks, and we would play for hours – sometimes under the lights.

Why would you recommend Playing Pickleball to others?

Pickle is a very social and fun game – it’s much quicker than any other racquet sport, so you can play multiple games back to back. Pickle is also great for those who love the pickup game aspect – wake up – grab your paddle, and show up at the courts to play against strangers (paddle off the rack or drop in/open play).

Jay and his team see the venue growing into a hub for competitive and casual players, across a range of ages. For those seeking instruction, Pickleball America will offer group/individual lessons and clinics. The official ribbon cutting is slotted for Sept. 14. We wish Jay and his team nothing but success from us at Waldner’s!

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