Waldner’s recognized as part of Mount Sinai Hospital’s Million Dollar Circle- Recognition Supplier Diversity Program for 2022 and 2023!

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Waldner’s was one of 28 vendors recognized during Mt. Sinai’s inaugural Million Dollar Circle ceremony with over 60 attendees on 2/9/24. This event aimed to celebrate the diverse suppliers who have done over a million dollars’ worth of projects with Mount Sinai.

Enara Nektalov, Director of Marketing at Waldners alongside Darius Stafford of Derive Technologies and Chris Fusaro The Forum Group, participated in the Million Dollar Journey panel discussion moderated by Patrice Gordon-Poyser, Mt. Sinai’s Diversity Supplier Manager. We discussed the products and services our businesses have provided to Mount Sinai. In addition, about how we work together to help improve society through our joint initiatives and our company’s unique histories as woman, minority and veteran owned companies, respectively.

We have been proudly servicing Mount Sinai for over seven years, and together the partnership has resulted in various innovative spaces. Our services consist of furniture procurement, supporting Mt. Sinai and their architectural design teams to realize their vision for their multi-functional spaces, site coordination, delivery and installation, and aid in their post move experience with any necessary training. Additionally, on the product side, we provide furniture for behavioral health (staff & patient spaces), office spaces, clinical spaces (procedure and exam rooms), resident rooms, waiting rooms, lounge spaces and more!

Recently the rapid changes in the way that patient care is being delivered has impacted the design of healthcare spaces. Due to this, Waldner’s have invested in a team that is experienced not only in the workplace design arena, but specifically in healthcare design and services. Brenda Fuchs, our VP of Healthcare has worked for many years on the client side, so she has a keen understanding of needs from the personnel and facilities perspective.

In addition to optimizing our staff, we seek relationships with different, innovative vendors in the healthcare furniture marketplace that allow us to offer a robust array of options. Namely, we offer a variety of furniture options that allow the clinician to interact on a more intimate level with the patient, products that accommodate family as we’ve learned that the patient’s recovery trajectory is greatly influenced by the level of support that can be involved.

How do we help family involvement? By providing designated spaces, accommodate for frequent communication, offer choice + control over seated postures, optimize spatial efficiency + cleanability. Hospitals are tasked with Balancing the Need for Privacy, Social Interaction and Safety. With this in mind, we use Integrated technology products for virtual interactions with patients, offer varying space division options for privacy.

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Get to know the panelist ⮟

Enara Nektalov, LEED AP & WELL, Director of Marketing and Workplace Strategy, at Waldner’s Business Environments, a Certified Woman-Owned Business, in the office furniture industry

Chris Fusaro, Chief Executive Officer from The Forum Group, a Certified Veteran-Owned staffing business

Darius Stafford, Chief Technology Officer at Derive Technologies, a Certified Minority & Woman-Owned Business, in the IT Support and Cybersecurity industry

Enara speaking on the impact of the Waldner’s and Mount Sinai partnership

      We help create solutions and spaces that lead to better health outcomes for everyone involved in the healthcare environment. It goes beyond placing furniture on a floorplan, we make sure that care environments are as welcoming, inclusive, and comforting as possible for all the people who will use them. This is done by choosing furniture that supports the needs of diverse populations, young and old, strong and weak, sick and well, all sizes and abilities, in waiting spaces and exam rooms.”

- Enara Nektalov, Director of Marketing and Workplace Strategy

Thank you, Mount Sinai, for this inspiring event!