business environments Midtown Manhattan

Business Environments Midtown Manhattan

Every work environment is unique – reflecting your corporate culture, your management team, your clients, and your industry. Each aspect of your business, down to the physical space that you occupy, affects your environmental needs. Waldner’s has a special understanding of these needs, and through decades of experience is able to tailor your work environment to fit the needs of your specific industry.

Corporate/Financial Services

o Employee workstations & executive offices
o Reception areas & conference rooms
o Dining rooms, kitchen areas & break rooms
o Specialized trading desks for financial services
o Call centers
o Computer terminals for trading desks


o Large-scale universities & teaching institutions
o Training facilities & testing labs
o Libraries, offices & administration areas
o Dormitories & dining areas
o Cafeterias


o Partner offices with wood case goods
o Conference rooms and common areas
o Library facilities

Healthcare / Hospitality

o Nurses’ stations
o Exam rooms, patient rooms & waiting areas
o Guest rooms
o Clinical & industrial labs
o Pharmacies
o Exercise & rehabilitation centers
o Nursing homes & long-term care facilities
o Common / Public areas


o Administration areas & employee workstations
o Reception areas & conference rooms
o Employee dining facilities & break rooms
o Libraries, storage rooms, clerk rooms & mailrooms