“What happens to individuals with special needs when they grow up?”  Stella Spanakos, Nicole Sugrue and Patrick Bardsley considered this question and founded their own solution in 2011 and became Co-Founders of The Nicholas Center. The Nicholas Center’s mission to “support individuals with autism lead full and productive lives in the community”.

A note from the Director of Development at The Nicholas Center, Lee Anne Vetrone, “Speaking for our Nicholas Center team -we are over the moon with your generosity and the sharing of your time and talent. Our expanded space in Pleasantville is…wow“. 


Achieving a healthy and productive workplace is the goal, made possible through the culmination of many talented people.

Waldners personnel, our product and service providers are all very proud of our participation with The Nicholas Center and wish them continued success in the future! Waldners provided workstation dividers, desks , tables and lounge seating to facilitate an efficient and comfortable workplace setting. We would like to thank The Nicholas Center for the opportunity to give back to our community and for making a difference for our youth and their future.

Left to Right: The Nicholas Center staff: Lee Anne Vetrone, Director of Development | Jeremy Scalchunes, Clinical Director | Ryan Osborne, COO Waldner’s | Daniel Barone, Program Director  | Nicole Sugrue, Co-Founder and Executive Director | Jeff Solomon, Founding Family, The Nicholas Center (and, his pooch!)

To learn more about The Nicholas Center and how they are revolutionizing the way autistic adults learn, live and work – check out their website today !