Addressing the challenge of personal item storage in a hybrid workplace involves implementing flexible solutions like lockers, shared storage areas, or a reservation system for workspaces when employees come into the office. Answering the question, “if I come into the office, where can I put my stuff?”

This question has sparked conversations within organizations to rethink storage in the hybrid workplace. People need a place to store their belongings, and workplace lockers are the solution. Whether it’s a place to start and end the day, a frequent stop in a team space, or a transition place between meetings, the Steelcase WorkValet creates just the right storage as people journey through the day.

Workplace lockers are no longer a nice to have amenity but have become a necessary landmark in the new hybrid workplace. The WorkValet is a workplace locker solution that meets the storage needs for all your employees, keeping their focus on the work. WorkValet offers a broad range of finish options, parametric sizing, and various lock options. The WorkValet’s wide range of design options makes it unique, special and easy to implement in various workspaces.

WorkValet can be planned in three application typologies:




A border provides storage and space division within a hybrid neighborhood. Planned near workstations within a team space, it is primarily for individual use within a team space.

The hub is a great addition to in-between spaces. Typically planned with ample space around the hub, it welcomes people to gather around its worksurface to socialize or collaborate.

A bay provides a warm welcome as people come into the hybrid workplace. Typically planned near the entrance of the building, a bay has a high quantity of lockers with a variety of locker sizes.

With various needs and demands from both the user and chooser, lockers are a customizable storage solution. The workplace has more variety and expectations than before, so you need a flexible solution that can be adapted in various environments while still easy to manage.