The month of March is a time for celebration, empowerment, and recognition of women around the world. As a Women Owned Business, Waldner’s is thrilled to honor this occasion by shining a spotlight on the remarkable women leaders within our industry.

Throughout March, our ‘Women’s History Month Spotlight Series’ will feature various women making transformative strides in our field. Each spotlight will offer a glimpse into the inspiring journeys of these remarkable individuals.

Our next spotlight is on Sam Dwan, Program Manager, CORE Cybersecurity at Comcast.

1. What is the proudest moment in your career journey thus far?

“The proudest moment is being in my current position! I worked my way through my early career with the goal of managing an internal talent program. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to coach such strong cybersecurity talent at the very start of their career journey.”

Sam and her two dogs, Taika (left) and Camryn (right)

2. Share a challenge you have faced in your career and how you overcame it.

In my early career, I faced what many people do as they enter the workforce – imposter syndrome. Feeling confident in my skillset and my work took time. By finding professional mentors who helped me refine my skills and lean into my interests, I was able to build expertise and credibility within the industry. The best part about that is that it’s possible for everyone in the workforce! Investing in relationships and your network is essential to crafting a successful, rewarding career path for yourself.

Sam and Camryn at Prospect Park in Brooklyn

3. What advice would you give to the next generation of women in the workplace?

“Be authentic and bring your full self to work. The most impactful professional relationships I’ve built are with colleagues who are their most authentic selves and have been able to bring that authenticity to the workplace. It creates a disarmed environment where you can be open, honest, and collaborative. For me, that type of environment leads to a lot of creativity and incredible ideas coming to life!”