The month of March is a time for celebration, empowerment, and recognition of women around the world. As a Women Owned Business, Waldner’s is thrilled to honor this occasion by shining a spotlight on the remarkable women leaders within our industry.

Throughout March, our ‘Women’s History Month Spotlight Series’ will feature various women making transformative strides in our field. Each spotlight will offer a glimpse into the inspiring journeys of these remarkable individuals.

To kick off this exciting spotlight series, our first spotlight is on Meredith Waldner Stern, President of Waldner’s.

Keep an eye on this space and our social media as we continue to unveil captivating stories, insights, and experiences of women who are leading the way forward.

1. What is the proudest moment in your career journey thus far?

“This month I am so proud to celebrate the 85th Birthday of Waldner’s Business Environments with my father Stephen and my brother Jay, Principal at Waldner’s.”

From Left to Right: Jay Waldner (Principal at Waldner's), Meredith and her father Stephen at the LI Herald Event last spring where she was honored.

2. Share a challenge you have faced in your career and how you overcame it.

“The commodity shortages that impacted our industry post-Covid when business was rebounding was a challenge we weren’t expecting. Our outstanding team and the tremendous efforts we all put into solidifying client relationships was essential in working and communication with our clients through that time.”

Meredith with her mother, Belle Waldner.

3. What advice would you give to the next generation of women in the workplace?

“A silver line of Covid was the acceptance in the workplace of flexible and hybrid work schedules. For many the work-life balance is achievable and acceptable and that provides boundless opportunity to reach one’s best potential.”

From Left to Right: Meredith's husband Steve, Meredith, her father Stephen and Andrea Broege from Steelcase at the LI Herald Event last spring.