In honor of women’s history month, Waldner’s is celebrating the strong female leaders in our industry who are changing the state of the corporate pipeline for female representation in the workplace.

This post’s spotlight is on Cristina Salvati, Global Sales & Marketing Director at Mattiazzi, a premium Italian Furniture brand.

What is the proudest moment in your career journey?

In 2010, when I became a mother although employing a position of responsibility and a crucial role in Mattiazzi. Work and family are two areas of our lives that are not always balanced and this is risky because it could make us loose the most important things and opportunities of one or another. Reaching some important professional achievements and at the same time being a mom and having my own family, has been reason of great pride for me.

Your biggest accomplishment in our industry?

There have been many important stages so far in my professional career. I have started off from scratch, then I have run my own business and finally I ended up employing a fundamental role in Mattiazzi. I think my biggest goal, among the skepticism of many, has been turning Mattiazzi from a longstanding contractor into an international company with its own brand and collections which are known worldwide. Otherwise, we would not be here to talk about this.

What advice would you give to women in the workplace? 

Generally speaking, women have different characteristics from men. Determination, rationality and critical spirit are just a few of them. However, sometimes they remain latent and are not considered the way they should in the business world. This happens because they are often evaluated on the basis of prejudices. To conclude, the advice I give to all the women is to enhance their job and to work as if everything were up to them.