Spaces that encourage users to interact in playful ways level the playing field and build social capital. Trust becomes greater and collaboration more fluid.

There are many reasons why games are great way to create a better work environment, for example they help teams increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of games at the office.

1. Games initiate team bonding

Playing games together with your co-workers fosters strong relationships and bonds which leads to better communication and teamwork. Having a close-knit team is key to success and productivity in the workplace.

2. Games are a great and fun way to release stress

Gaming allows employees to fully immerse themselves into something enjoyable, be competitive, and release any pent-up stress. It also boosts morale in the office!

3. Games can create a work environment of trust

Games help create a relaxed company culture as it allows employees to see their work environment as more than just a place to work. Adding games to the office signifies that the company trusts employees to be able to efficiently manage their time working and playing.


4. Games promote productivity

Taking short breaks while working is proven to boost cognitive function significantly! It has been reported that micro-breaks lead to a better quality of work due to the fresh mind reset from gaming. Gaming during break lets your mind completely detach from anything work related.