New spaces and products for the hybrid era

We’ve entered into a new era of hybrid work and that means creating new kinds of spaces that evoke a sense of belonging and provide greater flexibility and performance to build a strong hybrid culture. Steelcase is introducing new solutions designed to give hybrid workers the spaces and tools they need now to create a great experience.

Steelcase Karman™

Beyond Comfort. Beyond Mesh.

After months of video calls throughout the pandemic, people recognized the need for comfort and comfort was top of mind as Steelcase engineers and designers developed the new Steelcase Karman chair.

Steelcase Karman goes beyond other mesh chairs by delivering that comfort in an entirely new way. Its 21st century design and engineering naturally responds to a body’s movement and weight and puts less pressure on your seat and back than many leading mesh chairs, providing ergonomic support for people of all shapes and sizes.

  • 13 Intermix colors
  • Wide range of frame and base finishes
  • Unique weaving process offers diverse textile styles, including an all-new color shifting option.

Steelcase Karman’s lightscale aesthetic looks great in the office or home – any place work happens.

New Additions to Steelcase Flex Collection

Give Teams More Control Than Ever

Flexibility, privacy, and control have become an expectation of their workplaces for hybrid workers. The Steelcase Flex Collection now includes new products that keep collaborative teams humming and give individuals the privacy they need when working alone.

Additions include:

Steelcase Flex Perch Stool offers a quick place to sit while actively collaborating at a whiteboard or screen, helping to keep you fully engaged.




The Steelcase Flex Media Cart can turn any space into an active collaboration space. Designed to accommodate any digital display, Steelcase Flex Media Cart can be easily moved anywhere, giving teams more flexibility to choose where to work, both in-person and with virtual teammates.








Charge, create and share – faster and easier than ever with Steelcase Flex Dock. Just plug in your laptop and immediately connect to power, data and displays.




Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces (coming early 2022) give people more control and flexibility. These dynamic workstations can be reconfigured quickly and easily to achieve the level of privacy you need — whether it’s for video calls or time spent focused on a project. An incredibly simple and flexible set of products makes changes over time fast and easy.


Empower People to Efficiently Book Shared Spaces
DeskWizard is designed for the hybrid worker. Scan the QR code at the desk or book ahead and reserve a free workstation. The booking process is simple, hands-free and managed from your mobile device. Have peace of mind that a comfortable workspace is awaiting you when you’re in the office.

Steelcase’s Newest Relationship: Established & Sons

Bring Performance and Personality to Shared Spaces
To equip organizations with a variety of choices for creating high-performance collaborative spaces and social spaces, Steelcase recently announced a new relationship with British design brand Established & Sons. Specializing in crafting innovative contemporary designs, the company is a well-known and respected brand that champions individual expression. In 2019, Established & Sons debuted products designed for the workplace, including the Grid Collection.

Part sofa, part lounge, part presentation space, the multifunctional Grid product family is a thoughtful response to changes in how we live and work. As people seek more places to informally and spontaneously connect or just grab a few moments to get some work done, the Grid Collection lives somewhere between furniture and architecture — providing seating as well as serving to divide and organize space.