Wellness & Biophilia

Standing Desks

A recently-released workplace study “Stand Up to Work: Assessing the Health Impacts of Adjustable Workstations” compared
people who work at height-adjustable desks to those with traditional workstations. Over a 12-month period, the study found that height-adjustable standing desks are linked to increased productivity, better concentration and improved overall health. Check out the Ology and Airtouch
height-adjustable desks.


A more subtle way to incorporate biophilic design is in the fabrics you choose for your space. Steelcase brands Coalesse and Designtex partnered to create a series of organic patterns, calming colors and natural textiles that reflect nature’s soothing properties.


The calming effects of plants have been proven to reduce employee stress and anxiety. Living walls are modular, flexible and scalable, and design options are endless. Sagegreenlife, a Coalesse partner, helps companies create that “oooh” moment in the office that inspires people while bringing them closer to nature in a completely new way.


While we all crave natural light, not every office comes with windows. Steelcase has partnered with renowned Italian lighting designer FLOS to offer a line of unique,
modern lighting solutions. Featuring pendants, sconces, table and floor lamps, each piece combines beauty and technology with a sense of play to transform any office.