Waldner’s quality assurance process encompasses all project disciplines, beginning at our initial engagement and continuing throughout the installation process and post occupancy.

Our project design process is driven by clear communication among all stakeholders both within and outside our organization. Certain team members take on key responsibilities as we migrate through the 7 defined steps of our developmental project process.

Waldner’s Project Process Timeline: Learn more below about the action items in each defined step.

Step 1: Define Project Scope

The furniture acquisition process has a lot of moving pieces, and we know how important continuous and clear updates are for your team. At the beginning of each project, we will establish key stakeholders and the best mode of communication.

Identify key drivers to success:
– Attend showroom tours to identify which manufacturers should be utilized

– Request sample products to ensure quality and function in space
– Create detailed timeline and communication forms

Step 2: Project Development

Review responsibilities and preliminary schedule:
– Develop layouts based on selected manufacturers and feedback

Step 3: Product Specification

Develop, value engineer and audit. Confirm site conditions:
– Finalize design package in coordination with architectural selections
Develop quotations for order

Step 4: Order Placement

EDI orders. Validate shipment and receipt dates:
– Plan sequenced delivery schedule
– Issue status reports
– Attend weekly meetings

Step 5: Pre-Installation

Review job site conditions, floorplan, typical and project schedule:
– Operations team to review progress
– Complete floor layout for all power and data interface
– Attend weekly meetings

Step 6: Delivery & Installation

Coordinate, oversee and complete all field services and project schedule:
– Prepare/install building protection
– Produce/install site Tags for product staging
– Commence sequenced installation
– Waldner’s Field Project Manager oversees all installation to assure manufacturer’s requirements are met
– Initiate self-punch list to address any product deficiencies
– Attend weekly meetings

Step 7: Project Close

Supporting You During Your Transition!
1. Change management facilitation – help to orient employees with new environments.
2. Welcome Book for staff and employees

Complete punch lists, LEED support and post occupancy services:
– Execute punch list ordering as required
Upon move-in, training will be administered to teach employees how to use technology, work tools and properly adjust seating.
Closeout packages both printed & digital, provides information that will help employees adjust to their new environment & workspace.