A new year means out with the old and in with the new! Below are Waldner’s official ‘Ins and Outs’ for the year of 2024.

Our 2024 'Ins!'

Continue reading to see how these 'Ins' can be easily integrated into your space!

Furniture That Sparks Joy

How could you not be happy when sitting in a yellow couch?! Check out the West Elm Work Mesa Sectional here.

An Ergonomic Desk Chair

Checkout the Gesture task chair by Steelcase. Voted best office chair, its designed for all the ways technology shapes your posture with its 360-degree arms, contoured back and adjustments.

Mixing Interior Design Styles

Why not mix different interior design styles? In 2024 we are looking for unique style combinations. We love the combination of boho and eclectic style for this conference room. Check out the SILQ chair used here.

Embracing Bright Colors

The West Elm Work Belle lounge system comes in a variety of bright colors, ready to lighten up your space!

Statement Furniture

The Monster guest chair by Moooi will definitely make a statement in your space. A soft, puffy and stylish chair that symbols the eternal battle between opposite forces that take place in life and within us.

Mixing Textures

Check out the Everwall by Steelcase, it is a prefabricated wall system that offers complete design freedom with a variety of fabric, paint, wood options. It offers the right balance of acoustic performance, aesthetic options and price.

Height Adjustable Desks

The new Ology™ height-adjustable desks by Steelcase are designed to support the wellbeing of workers and encourage a more health-conscious environment. Learn more here.

Filling Wall Space with Art

The Snowsound Art by Snowsound is perfect for office and workspaces as it is a collection of Snowsound sound absorbing panels that have become art “canvases”.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers in the office makes everyone happy! Check out the Gussy Vase by Bludot, the milled aluminum vase creates a faceted and shiny form that highlights the flowers beauty.

Warm Lighting

Check out the Linear Wood Table Lamp by West Elm, it delivers warm, comforting light right to your workspace.

Walks During Lunch Break

Taking a walk during your lunch break is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise during the day.

Good Commuting Book or Podcast

A good book or podcast takes the ease out of the commute and gives you something to look forward to.

Trivia Tuesdays with Co-workers

The Steelcase Flex Collection empowers teams to create spaces that can be rearranged on demand. Steelcase Flex Tables offer a modern and approachable vibe to the workplace, allowing teams to easily gather at standing height and play trivia!

Our 2024 'Outs!'

No product suggestions here as these are OUT for 2024!