Waldner’s Principal, Jay Waldner, and ESPN New York Serve Up a Spectacular Pickleball Showdown at Pickleball America!

Over the weekend of May 5th, Stamford, CT became the epicenter of Pickleball America’s excitement as Jay Waldner, co-founder of the newly established 27-court pickleball facility, joined forces with ESPN New York to orchestrate an electrifying sports extravaganza! The highlight of the event? A thrilling celeb match pitting ESPN, Anita Marks (TV and Radio personality), and Amani Toomer (former NY Giants football player) against Dave Rothenberg (Radio personality) and Rick DiPietro (former NY Islanders hockey player). You could cut the tension with a paddle, as Anita and Amani faced off against Rick and Dave, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats until Rick and Dave secured victory in a display of skill and determination with a sweep of three sets to none.

"Through a great turnout on Sunday, we celebrated, cheered on the players, and proudly backed our partnership with Nami. The Dinko de Mayo event was an all-around success!"

Sponsored by Waldner’s and Steelcase, this event transcended mere competition; it was a grand celebration of agility, strategy, and the spirit of sportsmanship. Notably, Steelcase’s iconic office chairs, Gesture and Think, took center stage as the official task chairs of the event, setting the standard for comfort and functionality not just during the match, but in all future Pickleball America broadcasts.

View photos from event below!

Missed the Live Stream? We got you covered! Watch the Pickleball Showdown here!