Members of the Steelcase Pride Employee Business Inclusion Group embarked on a collaborative journey to design their annual Pride Month Chair Display to be more inclusive by representing all members of the LGBTQ+ community.


In a vibrant tribute to Pride Month, Melina Sinigos, leader of the Steelcase Global Pride core team, introduced an innovative idea to the Steelcase seating team to make the Pride Month chair more impactful and expressive. “We wanted to expand the colors to show people of color, and people in the transgender and nonbinary communities that they belong, too,” said Sinigos.

Steelcase is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging through its designs. Pride has long been a theme at Steelcase, showcased by last year’s colorful chair display featuring the LGBTQ+ flag colors. This year, the Steelcase Pride team aims to broaden that recognition with a fresh and innovative approach, incorporating the new Progress Pride flag. This flag includes the traditional rainbow colors plus a triangle of white, pink, light blue, black, and brown.

The collaborative effort included members of the Steelcase Pride team, Designtex, and the teams responsible for Steelcase’s surface materials and industrial design. Together, they created the unique ‘Addition Plus’ pattern, featuring vivid plus symbols, and suitable for a range of premium seating options. Continue reading to discover more about Addition Plus!

Addition Plus

The new Addition Plus fabric is thoughtfully designed and crafted to embody the diverse spectrum of colors, identities, and orientations the expanded Progress Pride flag celebrates, making it a design of profound symbolic importance.

Designed With Pride

The choice of the addition symbol was deliberate, signifying inclusivity, and as a result of the pattern appearing differently on each chair, it reflects the individualism of the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, the differing colors and dimensions of the plus signs give the illusion of a fluttering flag, adding a whimsical touch to the design’s uniqueness.

“It means a lot to people like myself, to step into an office and see a chair with this textile and immediately know I belong.”

Melina Sinigos, the leader of the Global Pride core team, reviews the final version of Addition Plus.