Hybrid work is one of the biggest changes to work life, yet it presents us with an opportunity to make work more human. The new norm of switching from in-person and remote working causes the office to compete with the comforts of home. Redesigning offices to include the four essential space types compels employees to spend more time in the office. The essential space types can ensure that people have everything they need to work effectivity at the office. In addition, adding these four workspaces can help with creativity, breakthroughs, and productivity among employees.

The four essential space types to support different kinds of work:

1. Personal Spaces

A range of spaces balancing the needs of "me", and "we" gives people control over their privacy and comfort.

2. Collaboration Spaces

Flexible settings, mobile tools and technology support in-person and distributed teams of all sizes

3. Social Spaces

An intentional and flexible mix of shared and individual experiences foster a sense of community and belonging.

4. Learning Spaces

High-performing, adaptable spaces deliver integrated learning opportunities for in-person and distributed groups.