Steelcase researchers investigated the multifaceted dimensions of human wellbeing; unraveling how thoughtfully designed spaces can be powerful catalysts for nurturing employee wellbeing.

New analysis by the Wellbeing Research Centre indicates that interventions in the work experience itself can make the biggest difference when it comes to employee wellbeing. Wellbeing encompasses much more than just providing amenities like coffee and snack bars in the workplace. Truly designing workplaces that nurture people, foster collaborative moments, and spark innovation requires an intentional, in-depth effort to understand the core factors that lead to genuine wellbeing.

With this context in mind, Steelcase researchers consider six pivotal dimensions that significantly impact employees’ overall physical, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing: finding meaning, embracing authenticity, cultivating a sense of belonging, promoting an optimistic mindset, practicing mindfulness, and fostering vitality.

Read on to discover products that support these dimensions and how each plays a crucial role in shaping a thriving, healthy work environment!

1. Find Meaning

Employees experience greater fulfillment in their work when they know their contributions are part of a greater purpose beyond their individual tasks.
Workplace tip: Add intentional shared spaces where employees can interact spontaneously with leadership to build connections.

Check out the Coalesse Ensemble Lounge System designed to create gathering places that work.

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2. Embrace Authenticity

Fostering an environment that values diverse viewpoints, appearances, languages, and cultural backgrounds leads to the formation of more robust teams and organizations.
Workplace tip: Integrate flexible lighting, moveable privacy walls and desks, as these nurture customize workspaces.

3. Cultivate Belonging

Crafting a sense of community and belonging in the office leads to trust, empathy, generosity and engagement.
Workplace tip: Build community by adding more shared common spaces with displays that showcase people’s work and life accomplishments.

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4. Nurture Optimism

Cultivating resilience and adopting a proactive and positive approach to overcoming obstacles can significantly aid employees in handling stress more effectively.
Workplace tip: Establish educational learning areas for experimentation and reflection that showcase the importance of growth and progress.

5. Promote mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness enhances employees focus and learning capabilities while aiding in stress regulation.
Workplace tip: Foster serenity and privacy in the office with peaceful areas and wellness rooms.

Check out the Moooi Hana Lounge Chair, sculpted to the human body, it provides the perfect space for rejuvenation.

Check out the West Elm Work Sutton Height-Adjustable Desk, a modern design that supports sit-to-stand height.

6. Foster Vitality

When employees are healthier overall, in body, mind, and spirit, they are better prepared to bring their best to work and life.
Workplace tip: Encourage daily activity by offering environments that support diverse positions—leaning, seated, relaxed instead of always connecting while seated.