In the post-pandemic world, employee wellbeing has become a top priority among leaders in the workplace.

“I think it’s important to recognize that employees are really a company’s only renewable resource. Employees are impacted by things happening in the workplace – both positive and negative,” said Steelcase Wellness Navigator, Gary Strehlke. Namely, culture and space in the workplace have a significant impact on employee wellbeing and mental health. However, there are many ways that employers can improve and alter the workplace so that it is committed and designed ideally to employee wellbeing.

There are four key components that have a great and positive impact on bettering the workplace environment for employee wellbeing.

1. Active Design

Making it easier for people to change postures in the office helps resist the negative effects of sitting for too long. For instance, sit-stand desks and a monumental staircase are a great option for the workplace as it keeps employees active and increases productivity. In addition, standing desks have been proven to be linked to increased productivity, improved health and better concentration.
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2. Biophilia

A proven way to lower stress, blood pressure and restore mental, physical energy is to be outdoors and exposed to nature. Thus, having plant life and a biophilia design in the workplace that resembles the outdoors helps people relax mentally. Similarly, the soothing effects of plants help employees deal with anxiety and stress in the office.


Check out the biophilic moss wall solution, BizziMood, designed to create a more relaxed and calmer atmosphere.

3. Community

Human connection is at the core of human wellbeing. Therefore, creating social, collaborative environments in the workplace where people can gather and engage in activity helps foster relationships and connections. For example, a lounge is a perfect area in the workplace to have as it brings people together, inviting them to sit and collaborate.

The Campfire Lounge System is designed to transform open space by drawing us together.
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4. Daylight

An office space with windows helps keep people connect more closely to their natural internal clocks, which in turn improves mood and reduces stress. In addition, natural daylight in the office promotes productivity and creativity among employees. However, not all offices come with windows, if you do not have access to natural daylight, warm light can create the same effect.


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