Project Description

Nassau Community College

For Nassau Community College, Waldner’s installed a collaborative and interactive learn lab using media:scape and Eno. For the Learn lab we used 4 media:scape single monitor tables and 1 Eno Board. For the control of the whole system we used Elan g! systems which allows users to control the content on each mediascape and eno board. Users can take shared content from either the media:scape or the Eno board and send it to any of the other displays in the room. For example if there is a team of student’s sitting at one of the media:scape tables not only will they be able to share content between each other by simply pressing the number 1 on the puck but also the professor can take control of the content on their screen and send it out to any or all of the other displays in the learn lab. If the professor is working on something on the Eno board he has the ability to send it to all the students’ media:scape’s allowing the students to focus on the screen in front of them and not miss out on any of the content. The use of the control system makes all this possible, easy to use and easy to learn.


Nassau Community College


Garden City, NY


Integrated Technology Solutions
Furniture Procurement
Delivery & Install


Steelcase Eno Board
Steelcase media:scape
Steelcase Cobi Chairs