In a recent Steelcase and Microsoft study, people reported two things that would help them be more productive in the workplace: having more time to think and more time alone without disruptions.  

“Workers everywhere are experiencing an epidemic
of overwhelm.”


Physical spaces are not always inherently collaborative.

  • Individuals are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded in the strictly open plan.
  • Small teams have nowhere to meet.
  • And organizations are looking for a quick and affordable option.

One way to combat these issues is the use of office pods.

We offer numerous architectural solutions and frameworks that allow you to configure a range of work environments within your existing space. Phone booths are increasingly popular spaces for making quick calls in privacy; a vast improvement over calling from stairwells or corridors (or worse still, while walking around the office or hovering around other people’s desks).

Advantages of enclosed spaces

Pods are complete, self-contained solutions that incorporate lighting, power and more. They can be installed quickly and discretely, without any of the disruption and costs associated with conventional walls. They can be customized with a range of finishes and features. Modular, and sometimes mobile, office pods can be reused and repurposed as needs and personnel change.




Built-in casters provide high mobility and ease of relocation

Pod sizes range from phonebooth to 6-person pods

Fast and easy install

Experienced manufacturing






Orangebox Air3

Operable roof solves fire suppression conditions

Range of sizes available globally

Easy to construct and relocate

Wide range of textile surfaces




On the QT

Acoustic laminated glass balances out critical speech frequency loss

Intuitive air flow to help reduce pressure buildup

Fully integrated ventilation and lighting for lasting comfort

Setup takes as little as 2 hours





Sound control safety glass

VLD – Clean / LED 4000k antibacterial lighting eliminates 99.9% of airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and particles

Acoustic ECOfelt lining inside and out

Range of 7 different sizes




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