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Waldner’s offers the Nureva Span System for corporate workplaces in Midtown Manhattan, Farmingdale, Rye, and the NYC area. The Nureva Span visual collaboration system is made for people looking to do great things – together. Create ideas. Share them. Debate them. Strengthen them. It’s all done within the Span Software, an expansive, cloud-based canvas that can be accessed as easily on your walls as from the device in your hand.

Familiar tools go digital

Span software makes it easy for groups to collaborate on a scale that nurtures deeper engagement with content and with each other. It takes the paper tools you’re used to – sticky notes, pencil sketches, flip charts – and transforms them into flexible digital versions that enhance the creative process.

Open an expansive virtual canvas to share ideas, with no barriers or distractions to hold back progress. Let everyone create, edit and organize their contributions in real time – whether they’re in the room or at a distance. Invite others to collaborate further, or share your results as a PDF or Excel® file. It’s that easy.

Give ideas room to grow

Want to see the big picture? The Span system offers significantly more interactive workspace than traditional flat panels or even dry-erase boards and sticky note walls.

Discover the full range of system configurations, which offer up to 40′ (12.19 m) of working space and up to 40 simultaneous touch points. Or take advantage of the technology you already have – Span software works on a wide range of interactive displays.


Waldner’s wants to make a positive impact on the workplace productivity in your corporate environment. We currently serve businesses in Midtown Manhattan, Farmingdale, Rye, and NYC. Contact us at to bring the Nureva Span System to your office and transform the way you work.


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