Featured Product: Microsoft Surface Hub & Creative Spaces

The Future of Work is Creative

Waldner’s offers the Microsoft Surface Hub and Creative Spaces for corporate workplaces in Midtown Manhattan, Rye, Farmingdale, and the NYC area. Steelcase Creative Spaces are integrated with Microsoft Surface Hub technology for an immersive ecosystem that brings together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.

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Microsoft Surface Hub Creative Spaces office collaboration nyc ny Rye Farmingdale Midtown Manhattan

Focus Studio

Creative work requires alone time to focus while also allowing quick shifts to two-person collaboration. It’s a place to let ideas incubate before sharing.


Posture: The Gesture chair supports the range of postures used when creating with Surface Studio with Surface Dial and Surface Pen. The AirTouch table switches from sitting to standing to encourage movement and boost energy.

Privacy: The space is configured to keep information private and reduce visual distraction. V.I.A. walls keep ambient noise out.

Proximity: AirTouch facilitates brief collaboration with content on Surface Pro4, Surface Book or on the Surface Studio through Miracast wireless projection; storage with integrated lighting secures bags and extends the work area.


Duo Studio

Working in pairs is essential for creativity. This space supports trust, with two people co-creating shoulder-to-shoulder or individually, with space for rejuvenation or for others to join for review.


Posture: Ology tables make it easy to sit or stand, work individually in parallel or lean over to collaborate, maintaining consistency using Surface Dial and Surface Pen. Umami lounge creates a place to relax.

Privacy: V.I.A. walls mitigate distractions from noise and enable private conversations with Skype for Business participants. The Surface Hub’s “I’m Done” security feature removes content from the previous session, encouraging rapid starts for new collaboration.

Proximity: The environment supports access to technology, storage, analog content and teammates. It offers an informal, theater-like setting for reviewing work at the Surface Hub.


Ideation Hub

A high-tech destination that encourages active participation and equal opportunity to contribute as people co-create, refine and share ideas with co-located or distributed teammates.


Posture: Stool height seating encourages movement and interaction with the Surface Hub.

Privacy: V.I.A. walls integrate the Surface Hub and provide unparalleled acoustic privacy to prevent disruptions and enhance remote participation via Skype for Business.

Proximity: The furniture elements are scaled for ample circulation and the ability to engage or step back to reflect or gain a different perspective.


Maker Commons

Socializing ideas and rapid prototyping are essential parts of creativity. This space encourages quick switching between conversation, experimentation and concentration.


Posture: This space supports a range of postures – seated, standing, lounging, perching — encouraging movement without breaking flow.

Privacy: Brody WorkLounge is a micro-environment for privacy and focus in open areas with amenities like integrated lighting, power and bag storage. Screens create a cocoon in the open plan to sketch or take notes on Surface Pro4.

Proximity: Centrally located in the ecosystem, this is a communal atmosphere to gather and play with ideas. It allows easy shifts from “me” to “we” activities and among stages of the creative process.


Respite Room

Creative work requires many brain states, including the need to balance active group work with solitude and individual think time.


Posture: Relaxed postures support diffused attention and allow the brain to wander, which can lead to ‘eureka!’ insights. Users can quickly switch between typing, digital ink and touch on their personal device.

Privacy: V.I.A. walls create acoustic privacy and visual relief, allowing the brain to rest, form new connections and access spontaneous ideas. Privacy during Skype for Business calls is also supported when active work is required.

Proximity: Thread modular power makes it easy to charge devices; Massaud Ottoman stores personal items; highly adjustable LED Dash light allows control of the light level.


Waldner’s wants to make a positive impact on the workplace productivity in your corporate environment. We currently serve businesses in Midtown Manhattan, Rye, Farmingdale, and NYC. Contact us at info@waldners.com to bring the Surface Hub and “Creative Spaces” to your office and transform the way you work.


Check out this video about Creative Spaces with Microsoft Hub!


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