Space, furniture, and technology come together in a Steelcase Signature Microsoft Teams Room.

This hybrid designed space features the Steelcase Ocular table, SILQ chair, Everwall and Logitech.

Since the pandemic, conference rooms have been required to change their traditional norms and adapt to the hybrid workplace. The hybrid meeting space looks quite different from a traditional conference room configuration, as you have to adapt for remote participates joining over Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The Ocular™ table is a unique, new product that faces the long wall to leverage Microsoft Teams Front Row experience, allowing participants to be eye-to-eye.

Learn more about the essential hybrid room features below:

Ocular Table

The Ocular table is designed for hybrid collaboration, rethinking the traditional norms. Therefore, the unique curved table shape improves sightlines, as it ensures that every in-room and remote participant can see one another. As a result, this creates a better meeting experience all participants.

SILQ Chair

The SILQ conference chair is more organism than machine, the material of the chair responds and adjusts to the natural movement of the body. It delivers a personal seating design for everyone. In addition, with the wide variety of design options it allows for complete customization.


The Everwall™ is an all-prefabricated wall system that transforms interior spaces with speed, flexibility and trust. Similarly, it provides acoustic privacy, while drapery minimizes visual distractions and helps absorb sound.


Logitech seamlessly integrates enhanced cameras, audio and room control into a range of open and closed collaboration spaces. The Logitech Rally Bar Mini & Mic Pods supports eye-to-eye contact & allow everyone to be heard. In addition, the Logitech Tap Scheduler allow for smooth room scheduling.