Simpler installation. Easier operation. Higher adoption.

We’re working with our partner Steelcase and Microsoft, Zoom, Logitech and Crestron to make sure your hybrid spaces work better.

Keep reading to see how Steelcase works with these companies to continually provide the smoothest working solutions.*


"Making hybrid work work will require a new cultural mindset, as well as the right technology and space to enable every employee to contribute, regardless of when, where or how work happens."

 Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Modern Work

Technology is at the center of hybrid work, connecting digital and the physical world. Additionally, Microsoft is at the center of technology. Steelcase and Microsoft are working together to understand how work culture is changing and creating new hybrid technological solutions as a result.


"In the new hybrid world, the need to collaborate from anywhere is business-critical, not just nice-to-have. We’ve made big strides toward improving how people connect."

Sudeep Trivedi, Head of Alliances and Go-To-Market

Logitech is a company that is at the forefront of hybrid workspaces. They have created all-in-on docking stations with single connectivity and professional audio. In addition, they have used AI to transform hybrid presentations and cloud-based device software management. Logitech and Steelcase have a strong partnership of making sure all the needs of hybrid workspaces are met, including the lighting, camera quality, audio and more. Together they deliver the highest quality technology seamlessly designed in a hybrid work environment.


"The future of work will be hybrid and we’ll see physical spaces and technology becoming increasingly intertwined. Think of a conference room: You need furniture, monitors, appliances and collaboration software and tools. If these components can be integrated, installation will be simpler, operation will be easier and, as a result, adoption will be higher."

Randy Maestre, Head of Industry Marketing

Zoom has worked to ensure video calls, online meetings, remote conferences and much more can go on seamlessly in this hybrid world. They have launched tools to ensure sharing content and live interaction can be productive via their new features of advanced whiteboard features and more. Together with Steelcase they have worked to ensure seamless connection between the user, zoom and the workspace.


"With hybrid work, space planners will need to collaborate with IT and facilities teams very early in the design process. To help, we’ve developed a strategic partnership with Steelcase to ensure planners are aware of technology requirements early in their decision-making."

Bob Bavolacco, Director of Technology Partner Programs

Creston has been a global leader in workplace technology for 50 years. They specialize in the integration of technological solutions, ensuring room reservation, automation of lights, meetings and environmental conditions. In addition, they believe that choice is a key for hybrid working, which is why they offer dedicated solutions to the favorable technology service. Together, Crestron and Steelcase help customers create hybrid individual focus areas, huddle rooms and conference rooms to accommodate all types of hybrid work.