Be Outside This Summer

Create compelling outdoor spaces
for people to socialize and collaborate

Outdoor Social + Collaborative Lounge

An outdoor oasis that supports users looking for a change of scenery and connection with nature. It provides a place for respite, socialization and connection with peers. Also, work tools like carts with markerboards can be used outside temporarily to support casual collaboration.​

Outdoor Work Café

It is important to step away from the desk and step outside of the office throughout the day. With a variety of postures from lounge to standing height, it extends user choice and control to the outdoors. Take lunch outside with a co-worker or enjoy a moment of respite, whether it’s listening to the birds sing in bucolic surroundings or people-watching in a big city.



Outdoor Social Lounge

A relaxed outdoor social setting that is ideal for building connections with colleagues and catching up on emails in a more laid-back setting. The overall environment provides adequate physical distancing and circulation, while varied postures give users choice of how they prefer to connect with others.​

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