Waldner’s had a great time at the Bisnow Office of the Future event on June 21! We exhibited Steelcase’s BrodyWork Lounge, Gesture chair, slim table and buoy. The BrodyWork Lounge especially excited people, as it is a very new and exciting piece of furniture that allows workers to focus in their own space in the office.

Throughout the event there were many different panel speakers that gave their professional insight on how they see office space used in the future. They explained that businesses are going to see an increase in mobility in the office. People want the ability to move from their desk, to the lounge area, to the conference room throughout the day, in order to keep the juices flowing and stretch their legs. Also, they explained that as technology becomes more and more embedded in our everyday lives, many people have the ability to work from home, however they choose to work in the office because of how much they enjoy the environment. With the help of furniture, we can diversify our offices and make coming to work a exciting and enjoyable experience. The office of the future seems to be a great one and we cant wait to see how the ideas drafted at this event will play out in the future!