Steelcase – Frame One

Frame One is a bench designed for the various levels of mobility and collaboration required by users.

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Steelcase WorkSpace Futures spent a lot of time studying, interviewing and observing workers using bench applications. Through our research, we found that the traditional, one-size-fits-all bench is ineffective for both workers and the organization. It is important to consider the levels of mobility and collaboration required by the users and adjust the solution accordingly. FrameOne was designed to do just that, offering more customizable options than other bench applications.


  • light, refined aesthetic with floating tops, recessed legs and discreet cable distribution
  • worktools, lighting, power access and privacy screens, all hosted on a convenient integrated rail
  • flexible design adapts easily to maximize real estate and adjust to changing business needs
  • integrates with media:scape to enable teams to innovate faster as information is shared quickly and seamlessly
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  • frame-one2
  • frame-one3
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