facilitisolutions Office Furniture System Planning Rye Farmingdale Midtown Manhattan and NYC


FacilitiSolutions is a department within Waldner’s Business Environments that specializes in assisting clients with the planning, coordination, and execution of furniture-related moves, adds and changes. FacilitiSolutions is staffed with the know-how and the technology to provide clients with the highest level of service and value in furniture reconfiguration, content relocation, refurbishing and asset management.

With hands on project management from the inception of an inventory process through a project’s completion FacilitiSolutions is there with you and your company at every step.

Inventory & Asset Management

The FacilitiSolutions department is equipped with the most modern asset management software, and is staffed with technology experts who specialize in capturing the data necessary to economically store, reconfigure or re-deploy FF&E assets.

Technical Support Services

All FacilitiSolutions technical support personnel are trained and experienced in many furniture systems. The responsibility of the staff is to utilize clients existing furniture assets to their fullest extent, while maintaining a professional and functional office landscape.

Project Management

The FacilitiSolutions project management team specializes in planning, coordinating, implementing and managing service related projects. These projects include reconfiguration, relocation, content moving and office reorganization. Our management team has a proven track record of completing projects on time, and on budget.

Account Coordination

FacilitiSolutions has dedicated client support personnel to make certain all project planning and execution is coordinated properly. We also offer Workplace Design Support as well.

Services Offered through FacilitiSolutions:

  • Furniture Reconfigurations
  • Site/Field Management
  • Verifications and Critical Field Dimensions
  • Local & Long Distance Trucking Services
  • Furniture Refurbishment & Cleaning
  • Pre-owned Furniture
  • Moving & Storage
  • Asset Management (regardless of items)
  • Inventory & Evaluation of Existing Furniture
  • Logistic Planning
  • Cost-Allocation Reporting
  • “As-Built” Floorplans
  • CAD Capabilities
  • Application and Specifications
  • Supervision of Millwork and Custom Furniture
  • Product Research
  • Manufacturers Negotiations