As organizations transform and build the foundation needed to navigate change, supporting a new level of flexibility and adaptability has never been more critical. Creating a dynamic workplace that is responsive to the changing needs of businesses, teams, and people should be solved with a range of furniture, architecture, and technology for a new era of work.

Everwall is an all-new prefabricated wall system that transforms interior spaces with speed, flexibility, and trust. With the right balance of acoustic performance, aesthetic options, and price, Everwall combines design freedom with the speed of installation to delight both designers and installers.

Product Pillars:

Speed: Unlike traditional stick-built walls, Everwall’s hybrid-unitized design is the basis for intuitive and predictable installation. Solid structures arrive onsite pre-assembled and ready to tilt-in and lock into place, offering one of the fastest install times in the industry. With adjustability built into the system, Everwall can adapt to the conditions of a site so the project never stops or slows down. Beyond the build, Everwall helps condense a project schedule and avoid delays, resulting in an on-time project and overall savings in all facets of construction.

Flexibility: Everwall creates resilient, fluid interior spaces for what hybrid workplaces need today — and for whatever the future brings. Simple to reconfigure or relocate, Everwall allows spaces to transform — from enclaves to meeting rooms to private offices — and back again — all while using the same kit of reusable parts. Everwall’s flexibility in planning and design freedom provides a range of acoustic performance, aesthetic options, and price points that meet the ever-changing needs of high-performing spaces.

Trust: Designed to deliver a better experience for people who work with it — and in it — Everwall comes with the reliability, confidence, and outcome you expect from Steelcase. With crucial support measures throughout all project phases — from design to installation — Everwall’s easy-to-use spec tools, faster lead times, and real-time support ensure flawless execution and a problem-free installation. Fewer materials onsite throughout the project means less dust, less waste, and a sustainable solution, assuring you’re also making a positive impact on the environment.



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