Steelcase Everwall is an all-new prefabricated wall system that transforms interior spaces with speed, flexibility and trust. Learn more about this exciting new solution from Steelcase.

Steelcase Everwall combines design freedom with a unique hybrid solution that provides the speed and simplicity of a unitized system while maintaining the reconfigurability that a stick-built system has. This solution provides the right balance between design, acoustics, and price.

​“Everwall provides the best of both worlds, the installation speed has surprised installers and they’re telling us it’s the fastest and easiest solution they’ve ever used,” says Aaron Martin, product category manager, Architectural Solutions.

Special features of Everwall:

Acoustic Performance

Everwall achieves high levels of acoustic privacy.

Hybrid-Unitized System

Simple to reconfigure or relocate, allowing for ease of installation and design freedom.

Ceiling Track

Connects to any common ceiling type, an easily tilt in and lock into place.

Glass Front Options

Everwall’s flexible architectural elements allow for spaces to transform.

Expanded Materials

Lux paints, broader range of laminate, fabrics and markerboard options.

Hardware Options

All new hardware finishes help achieve an elevated aesthetic.