Our “Employee Spotlight” Series will feature a new Waldner’s employee every month! As a fourth-generation family-operated, women-owned business with over 95 employees across 3 office locations, Waldner’s builds on the talents and experiences of each employee to help each other succeed and provide the best support for our clients.

Waldner’s employees come from different backgrounds bringing unique talents, diversity of thought, and a variety of cultural perspectives along with them. The intention behind this series is for you to get to know the talented, motivated and engaged Waldner’s employees on a more personal level.

Today is the second edition of our “Employee Spotlight” Series which features VP of Sales and Design, Jenny-Lynn Georgiades! We asked her a series of fun questions in a Q&A format.

“What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?”

Loyal, Driven, and Creative.

Jenny-Lynn and her dog Dozer

“What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?”

I love to exercise. I do spin, pilates, barre, yoga and TRX.

“What is something you can’t live without?”

Hearing my daughter sing.

Jenny-Lynn's daughter singing

“What do most people not now about you?”

I can sing the Chipmunk Christmas song in a chipmunk voice.

“What gets you up in the morning?”

My family and friends.

Jenny-Lynn and her family

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