Cool Top: Trading Room In-Desk Computer Cooling System



The in-desk cooling for trading rooms and computer workplaces

• Efficient cooling without draughts
• Extremely flexible modular design
• Dedication to Wellness & Environmental Sustainability
• ISO 9001:2008
• ISO 14001:2004
• Greenguard Gold
• Greenguard Indoor Air Quality
• FSC Certified

the only greenguard certified trading desk on the market



• Extremely Quiet: less than 32 dBA at maximum cooling output
• Cooling capacity of 2kW or more
• Avoids draughts, airflow speeds far below permissible levels
• Guaranteed condensation free; high supply temperatures remove the need to insulate
piping, and for condensate catchment trays
• Closed loop output control, does not impact performance of a building’s climate
• Individual airflow control at every workplace for personal workplace climate
• Totally flexible due to modular design
• Unrestricted view; Cool-Top tucked behind displays
• EC Certificate of Conformity



• Innovative & Mature air-conditioning unit with long life components
• Safe & Reliable
• Works perfectly with or without existing facility airconditioning system
• Low cost of investment, fast fitting, easy to install during construction
• Low running costs – over 90% free cooling possible
• Low maintenance costs, simple filter replacement
• Environmentally friendly thanks to giant power savings
• Relocation is possible at any time – Cool-Top is ready to move when you are
• thousands of satisfied customers since 1997

In partnership with Erich Keller