Steelcase – C-Scape Modular Office Workstation

The C-Scape modular office workstation is a collaborative freestanding system designed to support people and the businesses they work for.

Smart Business Solutions

  • C-Scape accommodates new workplace strategies by supporting shrinking footprints while improving connections, supporting collaboration and increasing sharing.
  • With a simple set of components; beam, desk, low storage, mid-storage, worktools & screens, C-Scape is easy to plan with, manage and inventory.
  • This simple set of components offer a wide breadth of applications for the open plan as well as the private office, so inventory can be repurposed easily as needs change.

Great Small Spaces

  • C-Scape provides a light and open design, making spaces feel larger than they are.
  • C-Scape is filled with amenities… some obvious, some hidden. Its features are purposeful making the user feel valued
  • C-Scape offers intuitive and beautiful details that are both inspiring and covetable. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most difference. By simply paying attention to details, you can make a space feel personalized and special.

Great Social Settings

  • C-Scape allows visual access, offering an open landscape where individuals can see and be seen. Privacy is purposeful, allowing users the ability to control privacy without creating barriers.
  • C-Scape encourages connecting and collaborating in order to build trust and share knowledge. Offering these connections results in brain-storming, decision-making and innovation which are critical to business success.
  • Adjustable arms
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