Steelcase – Buoy Chair

With six bold colors, and endless ways to personalize, Buoy is a moving experience.
Sitting. It’s only the beginning.

After researching multiple small businesses, we noticed something: people are mobile, even when seated. Whether you’re a knee bouncer, a pencil tapper, or you’ve got jazz hands, Buoy lets you move freely. So feel free to pull up a seat. Or lean in. Or hunker down. Mobility matters.


  • Cap: Buoy caps are available in over 25 fabrics including designer fabrics such as Maharam and British designer Paul Smith’s Exaggerated Plaid.
  • Buoy: With a built-in handle and weighing only 20 pounds, the Buoy chair is designed to go wherever you go.
  • Handle: Size doesn’t matter – Buoy works for everyone, which is why Buoy provides 5.5 inches of height adjustability with the lift of a lever
  • Base: The curved base encourages active sitting. After all, people are not supposed to stay planted in one spot all day.

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