A Breakthrough in Seating Design


Innovation. Redefined.

Available now from Steelcase


A breakthrough that transforms seating design


Designed by a small team of engineers and artists led by James Ludwig, the brand new SILQ from Steelcase is here to usher in a new era in office furniture. Deceptively simple, with none of the awkward and complicated mechanisms of other leading office chairs, but still intuitively responsive and inviting to the human form.  Made from cutting edge, specially developed materials, the SILQ is more organism than machine, delivering a personal experience that responds to the unique movements of every individual body. Learn more  here about how SILQ is designed for the way we work today.



“This element of SILQ’s design gestures toward a shift in thinking about how our spaces should behave. Instead of adjusting endless dials and buttons to achieve a personalized environment that works perfectly for us, we want the room to know us already.”
Read more about an outsider’s perspective on SILQ’s design philosophy in “Steelcase’s SILQ is the Office Chair of the Future” from FastCo.Design.



After envisioning a new kind of chair for the office, James Ludwig, vice president of Global Design & Engineering for Steelcase, revealed SILQ in front of a New York audience and simultaneous live streams around the world.

Watch the exciting presentation for yourself below:



“Tesla changed how we drive. Apple changed how we listen to music. Now, Steelcase is introducing SILQ, an innovation in materials science will change how we sit. “


Click here to learn more about the story behind the breakthrough in this Q&A with lead designer James Ludwig.


Ludwig’s small team of designers and engineers who created SILQ. (L to R: Mark Spoelhof, Bruce Smith, James Ludwig, Kurt Heidmann and Nick Deevers)


Available in a number of different configuration specifications and a nearly endless variety of colors and designs enabled by DesignTex digital printing technology. Never before has a “simple” office chair offered itself as such an unlimited artistic canvas; the unmatched range of material combinations allows for unprecedented aesthetic freedom and unrivaled potential for a synergistic expression of brand and beauty.

Get a peek at some of the exciting possibilities here.

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