asset management Midtown Manhattan



With Asset Management, you can:

  • Maintain accurate invertories with minimal time invested
  • Better utilize furniture and equipment from storage throughout your facilities
  • Prepare computer generated documents detailing all inventories
  • Provide accurate asset barcode databases
  • Accurately cost your account, charging backdepreciation and product costs among departments and cost centerso Quantify existing inventory to determine the purchases required for expansion and relocation projects
  • Monitor assets as they’re transported between locations
  • Document assets for insurance and security purposes
  • Access your inventoried assets via the Web
  • Asset Management services are not solely dedicated to furniture. We provide Asset Management services for all equipment, i.e. computers, copiers, artwork, etc.
With Online Services, you can:

  • Access your stored product online
  • Make decisions utilizing “real-time” Web-based informationo Access your asset inventories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Shop online and view your stored product, regardless of your geographic location
  • Identify your product with digital photoso View CAD drawings of your space – anytime
  • Access images of your assets during important “decision making” meetings – on demand
  • Include artwork, computers, technology, copy machines, and fax machines in your asset inventory