Corporate Workplace Services

Art in the Workplace

Ways art supports people’s ability to be creative at work:

  • Communicate that creativity is valued and part of the organization’s culture
  • Express a commitment to creating a work environment that supports employee wellbeing
  • Show the company’s point of view and willingness to take risks
  • Attract and retain the next generation of talent looking for inspiring spaces to work
  • Make a connection to the local community by working with local artists or images
  • Create a community at work by building a sense of place and sharing imagery with colleagues
  • Build relationships with colleagues by creating a natural conversation starter
  • Create positive distractions – as you try to decipher a piece of art, your brain will make new connections
  • Customize a workplace to represent a brand or place Promote sustainability by choosing purposeful materials

Designtex Surface Imaging

Operating out of a state-of-the-art, 26,000 square foot facility in Portland, Maine, the Designtex Surface Imaging division is comprised of an expert team of artists, technologists and craftspeople working together to create beautiful, engaging and one-of-a-kind environments.

nAscent Art


For its clients, including brands, building’s lobbies & amenities, professional offices, and hotels, nAscent Art acquires, leases, and licenses artwork by the most talented emerging artists available today. Clients have included Thompson Hotels, Penguin Books, Toyota, and Marriott.

nAscent Art works seamlessly with senior management, your chosen designer or architect, or your facilities staff to create thoughtful and cohesive artwork plans for spaces.

Check out their portfolio here!

Great American Art

Great American Art provides turn-key art and design solutions to businesses of every shape, size, and budget, across healthcare, corporate, government, and more.

For many years, workplace interiors were less evocative and inspired than their counterparts in other settings. With a shift towards wellbeing, creativity, and the alleviation of stress, art has become a means to enhance the culture and environment of a company. The artistic possibilities of these collections are as unique as the company itself.