Featured Product: Steelcase V.I.A.

V.I.A. is Vertical Intelligent Architecture that not only defines space, but redefines the role vertical real estate plays in today’s workplace.

o Elegantly host technology

  • Intelligent rooms keep distributed teams aligned and connected, leveraging both analog and digital information to foster collaboration. V.I.A. elegantly hosts technology to create portals between physical and virtual worlds. V.I.A. can provide true acoustical privacy for collaborative teams, as well as for workers in adjacent work spaces.

o Acoustic Intelligence

  • Whether focused heads-down work or collaborating with a team, true acoustic privacy is achieved by having standard seals on all frames, and skins and seals at other potential sound paths such as the doors, outlets and hang on storage.
  • V.I.A.’s engineering excellence results in being able to achieve an STC rating of 52 – the highest on the market. It enables dynamic, collaborative team spaces adjacent to focused workspaces without creating noise disturbances.

o Express Brand and Culture

  • V.I.A. easily becomes a canvas to express brand and culture, while providing informal space to people to connect as they arrive to a meeting or after the meeting adjourns.
  • With V.I.A., the exterior of the wall can work as hard as the interior, allowing you to maximize the value of your vertical real estate, creating places for employees to meet, socialize, inform and be informed.

o Future Flexibility

  • V.I.A. not only allows you to realize your design vision today, but its embedded intelligence provides a platform for the future.
  • With V.I.A., it’s easy to make small or large changes, blending a sense of permanence with flexibility for evolving business needs and future technologies.
  • It provides surface flexibility, allowing you to change the experience of a space by changing out skins and materials without tearing down the wall.
  • This surface flexibility also enables V.I.A. to accommodate advancing technologies as they continue to evolve.

o Design Freedom

  • V.I.A. provides consistent and predictable visual detailing for a superior fit and finish. Whether you’re creating spaces built on standard modules to maximize reconfiguration, or spaces that are unique, expressive and off a grid, you can easily realize your vision. V.I.A. is designed parametrically, in increments of 1⁄32″, eliminating dimensional specials.

o EnvisionIt

  • V.I.A. is developed using the EnvisionIt methodology, which accelerates and links the design-build process.
  • With EnvisionIt, you can:
    • specify V.I.A. without the complexity of dimensional specials,
    • understand the visual and cost impact of design changes, and
    • optimize inventory management and product reuse.

o Life Cycle

  • Materials:
    • Up to 50% recyclable
    • Made with up to 51% recycled content

o Standard and Optional Features

  • Structural Framing
  • Glass Frames
  • Solid Skins
  • Swing Doors
  • Slider Doors
  • Monitor Shrouds
  • LED Lighting
  • ēno Interactive Whiteboard Skins
  • Slatwall Skins
  • Power Data

o Acoustical Details

  • Monitor Shorud
  • Acoustical Seals
  • Skins
  • Modular Power Block

o Design Details

  • Glass Framing
  • Steel Skin
  • Mitered Edge
  • White Board
  • Monitor Shroud
  • Slider Door
  • Swing Door
  • LED Lighting
  • Modular Power

  • V.I.A._14-0001422
  • VAI 02
  • VIA 01
  • VIA 03
  • VIA-04