Meeting the Future of Work

An “unpack and go” workstation

Amobi Desks are fully integrated, mobile workstations that easily transport and fold up to store when not in use.




Monitor Arms snap into the desk frame, freeing up worksurface space – and allowing for easy monitor installation via Quick-Connect VESA plates.







Integrated LED Task lighting includes occupancy sensing and dimming control.







Amobi Desk includes a back Collaboration Board that can be specified in either whiteboard or tackable felt, and is easily interchanged via a quick release button.





Amobi enables user empowered workspaces that allow for rapid reconfiguration as needs change throughout the day or over time.





Simply fold up Amobi Desk and store when not in use.









Rotating feet lock in 3 positions (straight, 45° and 90°) to accommodate storage, transport and work modes.









Amobi Desk easily unfolds and locks ensuring it’s ready for use.







“Companies today demand more from their office investments, requiring multi-modal, adaptable spaces that allow for quick transitions between individual, focused spaces and collaborative, iterative ones. Our design thinking process started with ease, integration and flexibility at its core, with the primary goal of supporting rapid reconfiguration from “me” to “we” spaces. Amobi embodies agility and mobility and truly meets the future of work – fluid workspaces reimagined to empower users and teams to adapt their spaces as needs change throughout the day and over time.” – Ryan VanderPloeg VP, Product Development & Marketing at AMQ

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