2013 Investment Incentives – How You Can Benefit

2013 investment incentives…

…available under the American Taxpayer Relief Act when you purchase and install by the end of the year – whether you pay cash or finance it!

Two incentives coupled to your total 2013 capital expenditures:

Section 179 Expensing

Use it this year to expense 100% of the cost of qualifying property if your total expenditures will be $500,000 or less.

50% Bonus Depreciation

Use it this year to deduct bonus depreciation equal to half the cost of qualifying property in addition to deducting normal depreciation on the remaining half—no matter how much you spend!

Use them both if your total expenditures will be between $500,000 and $2,500,000

Even if you exceed the Section 179 limits, you still get Bonus Depreciation

Lower your taxes – by maximizing your deductions! Ask us to explain how much you’ll save by showing you our calculator tools.

Accelerate your cash flow – MORE CASH available to spend on your core business.

Improve your return on assets – get the majority of the investment off your (tax) books sooner.

Lower your life-cycle costs
– due to the time value of money, the net saving impact of a $1 million furniture purchase is $43,774 using a 12% cost of capital.

New Steelcase products qualify – includes furniture, access floors, movable walls, lighting, modular power, technology products, etc. (design and installation fees also qualify). Bonus depreciation applies only to purchases of new products.

Financing for improved cash flow – combined with financing from Steelcase Financial Services, you can acquire a new work environment with very little or no cash outlay in year one. Ask us about eligibility requirements and a quote on the Smart Financing promotional offer with rates as low as 0% for 3 years.