It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to get those last-minute gifts for your friends and family. Every workspace needs more than just a desk and chair! Check out our 12 Workspace Stocking Stuffers that will spruce up anyone’s workspace and will be the talking piece of the room. Here’s our list of 12 unique, useful gifts that are perfect for all office settings!

1. Who Goes There? Candle Holder by Blu Dot

You know what this world needs? More candle-lit conversation. And fewer things that need to be charged. Who Goes There? provides just that with uncomplicated forms that are as compelling alone as they are grouped.

2. Furrow Table Mirror by Blu Dot

Solid wood cradles a tabletop mirror that’s easily repositioned to reflect your best angle. Grooved tray creates a convenient catch-all spot for rings, earrings and no.2 pencils.

3. Odds Trays by Blu Dot

More organization for your situation. Cute as all get out, this trio of bent wood trays band together to keep the small stuff that collects looking smart. Available in three personality plus color combos. Not food safe.

4. Pencil Pouch + Pens by Poppin

Now all your favorite pen pals can commute to work or school in style. But our fully lined Pencil Pouch isn’t Implements Only–it keeps it all cozy, from lipstick to keys. Sturdy cotton canvas stands up to poking, while the matching zipper pull keeps all your stuff safe.

5. Adjustable Foot Rest by Steelcase

Good for you|great for your comfort. The sturdyCurved surface of this foot rest lets you stand or sit more comfortably while working. It also helps you maintain good posture|which will relieve muscle tension and stress.

6. Pitter Patter Umbrella Stand by Blu Dot

Perfectly postured steel is ready to wrangle the drippy or dry umbrella. Pitter Patter’s top tab provides a spot to hang compact style umbrellas and a marble inset base keeps this entry necessity stable and lovely.

7. Plot Planters by Blu Dot

Green thumb or all thumbs, these planters improve the chance of your plants looking sharp even when you forget to water them. Powder-coated aluminum with a removable plastic drainage plug. Use inside or out. Available in small, medium, and large.

8. Linear Wood LED Task Light by West Elm

The slim frame of the Linear Wood Table Lamp shines a new light on the classic task lamp.

9. Laptop Riser by Poppin

Laptop Riser is optimized for ergonomic comfort, allowing you to set your laptop screen at a comfortable height in your home office or workspace. Pitched at the ideal angle for comfort, the Laptop Riser can be paired with our Monitor Riser to raise your multiscreen setup and free up some bonus storage space on your desk.

10. Eclipse Light by Steelcase

The Steelcase Eclipse Light transforms environments, allowing users to both look and feel better during remote collaboration. By offering superior color performance and the ability to reposition the light where it’s most needed. A Task light and Video light all in one.

11. Turnstone Bivi Power Rectangle by Steelcase

Turnstone Bivi Power Rectangle. Simple. Discreet. Convenient. Offered with power and USB outlets, sets on top or clamps onto the desk top, a power solution that is conveniently easy to reach. Available in a variety of colors to offer a palette of expression.

12. LED Linear Desktop Task Light by Steelcase

Elegant and Functional Lighting Classic design and modern functions—the LED Linear Desktop personal task light combines ergonomics, energy efficiency and touch-sensitive LED technology in one fully articulated body.

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