Favorite Furniture Friday – Tito

We’ve challenged Waldner's employees to pick just one piece of furniture as their favorite. In the following Fridays, we’ll reveal their choices to you!

This Friday we bring you Sales and Business Developer, Tito Cardoniga with a direct quote — “I want to say the “Cool-Top” desk technology by Erich Keller blows me away.  They have a high-tech cool top desk that has an integrated closed loop heat exchanger concealed within the desk itself. The plus side to using a workstation like this is that it mitigates the extreme heat loads generated by surface displays and computer technology at the floor level. Utilizing a workstation like this may eliminate the need for any supplemental cooling in the space for buildings who already have reached maximum BTU capacity on mechanical loads due to base building constraints, spaces where costly cooling units are undesired, or due to spatial constraints in the ceiling plenum. This is a great creative solution for projects – especially for Tech companies and historic buildings in NYC.”