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Audio Visual Technology

Waldner’s understands the importance that technology has in the corporate workplace. The Integrated Technology Solutions department was created in direct response to the growing demand for services in this segment. Our skilled team provides consultation, installation, training and up-to-date information on the latest products in the marketplace.

Audio Visual Integration

Audio visual integration is the combining of audio visual equipment like sound systems, and interactive panels, so that you can share documents, watch presentations, and talk to others using your audio and video equipment. Using state of the art 21st century equipment allows you to set up meeting facilities to communicate with anyone globally, and it will seem as they are sitting right next to you.

  • Boardroom & Conference Room Systems
  • Classroom & Presentation Systems
  • Building-Wide Background Music and Paging
  • Video Teleconferencing Rooms
  • Cable / Satellite Television Distribution
  • Schematic Design & Programming
  • Design Development & Construction Documentation
  • Construction Administration & Testing

Disconnect/Reconnect of Technology

The goal is to ensure that customers accomplish their relocation(s) with maximum efficiency and minimum risk. This is the physical transition of the computer and related technology systems to and from a facility, inventory and tag each component, de-install all IT, audio-visual, telecommunications, networking equipment, ensure a smooth move of equipment, and then reinstallation and coordination and management of all parties involved in the transition.

Structured Wiring Systems

Designs and builds infrastructures, supporting the latest voice, data, audio, and video technology, to meet or exceed all standards. Waldner’s has the experience working with today’s cabling in installation, termination, and certification. Dealing with complex office furniture systems can be difficult. Waldner’s offers Project Design Support that will create detailed manufacturer specific furniture drawings that include plans, notes, elevations, and instructions that result in quality furniture installations.




media:scape merges furniture and technology to help teams access and share information in small group spaces.

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Room Wizard

A web-based room scheduling system that works with a variety of calendar systems to connect workers to meeting spaces. Meetings can be managed seamlessly via web, laptop, or smart phone.

QT Pro

Sound masking system engineered to provide exceptional sound masking in today’s changing workplace.

  • Direct field speaker technology provides a more uniform sound masking level.
  • Paging and music capability integrated to the system.
  • Simply layout and installation.
  • Software included for system control and configuration.
  • Flexibility for installation in unique spaces such as open plenum or drywall ceilings.
  • Emitters are plug and play and do not require tuning.
  • A variety of Qt control modules allow up to six different zones and coverage up to 180.000 ft 2 per control module