Glass Systems


  • Our non-unitized solution is built on site, installing the frame first followed by installing the limitless finishes. Say good-bye to unnecessary complications and costs.


  • The dHive concept allows installation 4 times faster than a drywall and faster than any other relocatable wall in the market. Uninstalling and relocating a dHive wall is twice as fast as other relocatable systems.
  • Our solutions also bring refit-ability – giving you the ability to drastically limit time and costs when the mood to change your office environment strikes.

o Environmentally Responsible

o Unprecedented Acoustics

o Avant-Garde Design

o Detail- Oriented

o Versatile

o Flexible

o Minimal framing

  • Low profile tracks and verticals
  • Butt-joint glass also available

o Glass to Solid Walls

  • Pharmaceutical laboratory

o Solid Walls

  • Part-glass part-solid to full height-solid are available in limitless laminate options

o Intelligent Corner Pole

  • Curved walls, segmented or bent
  • Every angle possible in a 2-way/4-way layout
  • Alternate connectors available.

o Keep your meetings private

  • Our double-glass solution offers unprecedented acoustics. STC 45+solutions are available with our solid solutions

o Door Hardware

  • Mortise or not, compatible with all hardware manufacturers

o Glass Doors

  • Full-height Frameless

o Made in the USA

  • All of our components are proudly manufactured in the United States, meeting all the U.S. codes and regulations.

o Value Added

  • Categorized as furniture, our products provide the end-customer with attractive tax advantages. dHive architectural solutions are eligible for a 7-year accelerated or full depreciation under section 179. Conventional solutions usually get depreciated over 39 years.

O Leed Certification

  • dHive’s philosophy is to promote the emergence of a more innovative and sustainable interior space planning. This commitment is reflected in our R&D priorities and in the design of our most recent concepts. Using dHive will contribute up to 19 LEED credits.

O 100% Reusable 99% Recyclable

  • Our system is made out of aluminum and has been engineered to be environmentally responsible.
  • Being easy to reconfigure (relocate, reconfigure or upgrade panels after initial installation) allows for 100% reusability.
  • EPA estimates show for every square foot of commercial real estate that is demolished, 155 lbs of waste is produced. With our 100% reusability, 0 lbs of waste is produced when it comes to interior commercial walls. Waste never looked so good.

  • dhive-glassLARGE-butt-joint-clean-finishes
  • dhive-glassLARGE-side-mounted-glass
  • dhive-glassLARGE-sliding-glass-doors
  • dhive curved glass