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Another Exciting New Partnership!

Another Exciting New Partnership Announcement–Steelcase and Blu Dot!

As you know, we are in the middle of a cultural movement as organizations aspire to create informal, authentic and inspiring places unique to their culture and brand. To achieve this, they require more help in creating thoughtfully curated solutions that include a broad range of solutions such as lighting, accessories and furnishings.


Now, it will be even easier to help our customers create great experiences.





       We are very excited to announce that Steelcase has now partnered with the world-renowned, award-winning modernist Minneapolis-based design collective Blu Dot. This means that Blu Dot’s entire catalogue is now available through all of Steelcase’s distributors– including Waldner’s!

       Visit the Blu Dot website now by clicking here!






Blu Dot was founded by three college friends, all of them designers (two architects and a sculptor): John Christakos, Maurice Blanks and Charlie Lazor. From the very beginning, they set out to “democratize good design – to create affordable, unique designs with top-notch quality and no attitude”, and their innovative product line, known for merging whimsy and practicality,  is flourishing more than 20 years later. The company thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration and prides itself on handling of every part of the production process in-house. In their own words, they “built a business to support [their] design habit and to have control of the entire process, from product development through the customer experience.”







“We like to think that the form is almost inevitable, a by-product of the process. Our job is simply to help it emerge as beautifully and as efficiently as possible. We design it. We stand behind it. We hope you dig it.” -Maurice Blanks &
John Christakos



Curiosity piqued?

Excellent! You can see every item in Blu Dot’s current lineup on display in person at their brand-new, 12,000 sq ft showroom at 79 Madison Ave, in the heart of the burgeoning NoMad design district.  If you would like to arrange a visit to the showroom– or just receive a free printed copy of the award winning Blu Dot catalog– don’t hesitate, contact us now!





“Our goal is to bring good design to as many people as possible. That means creating products that are useful, affordable, and desirable. “




Favorite Furniture Friday – Leigh

We’ve challenged Waldner's employees to pick just one piece of furniture as their favorite. In the following Fridays, we’ll reveal their choices to you!

This week’s Favorite Furniture Friday spotlight is on Leigh Gomula, Workplace Design here at Waldners. Leigh’s favorite piece of furniture is the Coalesse Lox Chair because of its modern, contemporary look. It provides sleek and comfortable seating for social spaces or for planned collaboration in meeting rooms. You can individualize the black or white shell with fabric or leather and swivel with ease on a polished aluminum base.

Favorite Furniture Friday – Michael S.

We’ve challenged Waldner's employees to pick just one piece of furniture as their favorite. In the following Fridays, we’ll reveal their choices to you!

Happy Friday! This week we bring you Michael Solomos, VP – IT & Integrated Technology Solutions here at Waldner’s.  Michael’s favorite product is Microsoft Surface Hub because it shows the importance of a well-designed workplace that supports the use of great collaboration products like Surface Hub. A collaboration space using great technology and workspace design encourages use, creativity, and employee engagement. 

Favorite Furniture Friday – Kristen

We’ve challenged Waldner's employees to pick just one piece of furniture as their favorite. In the following Fridays, we’ll reveal their choices to you!

This weeks Favorite Furniture Friday belongs to Kristen Vincent, Workplace Designer here at Waldner’s. Kristen’s favorite piece of furniture is Elective Elements by Steelcase because it is easily configurable and has broad range of rich material options. The variety of wood, glass storage, modesty panels, paint finishes, and fabrics allow for an array of aesthetic options. Elective Elements has plenty of storage space and work surfaces that create piling space for anticipated work. Elective Elements comes in a wide series of arrangements that can appeal to everyone.


Monday Thought Starter

Rendering is an act of interpretation, rendition, or depiction of beautiful office furniture in the workplace (at least that is our definition). Our talented Workplace Design Team here at Waldner's produce stunning, detailed and precise renderings for clients -- giving them the full picture of what their workplace can resemble.

It is Monday again, and yes… that means another Monday Thought Starter. This week we bring  you a rendering from Nicole Hall, Design Leader here at Waldner’s.

In this rendering  you will find:

  1. Umami Lounge
  2. Shortcut X Base Stool
  3. Campfire Big Table
  4. LessThanFive Chair
  5. Together Bench
  6. Bob Table