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Beautiful G100 Companies Office Space

Waldners is excited to unveil images from a recent project we’ve completed with G100 companies in NYC.

Waldners supplied an entire floor of new furniture and technology as well as delivery and installation services. Our integrated technology solution team installed the collaborative media:scape system and full sound masking throughout the floor.

See more photos of G100 and other projects in our Portfolio!

Dedicated Architectural Solutions Department

Creating the optimal workspace requires more than furniture. We recognize your needs of supporting different types of work, privacy, space division and acoustics. Waldners’ Architectural Solutions department has been created specifically to address these needs with various services, products and seasoned consultants. Our walls specialist, Mike Johnson, is a skillful project manager with strong knowledge of architectural wall products and their installation, having honed his craft at Waldner’s over a 17 year career.

He will partner with you as a valuable resource to offer architectural solutions reflective of current trends, workplace research, and business needs specific to your company. Once you have picked the best solution for your space, he will manage all aspects of in-field services related to walls, from design through the closeout phase.

Have questions about how to transform your space with architectural walls?

Want to save costs and maintain flexibility in your office layout?

Want to learn how to create a versatile work environment through modular panels and technology integration?

Ask Mike.

Neocon 2017 Steelcase Showroom

Don’t miss this quick, fun, one-take video of the Neocon 2017 Steelcase space that won Best Large Showroom at NeoCon 2017!

Hosts Nic Ecarius and Chris Dalambakis give a complete tour of the space.

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Steelcase Thread Power Distribution System Rye Farmingdale Midtown Manhattan NYC office furniture

Nureva Span System – Span Software

Start collaborating in seconds using Nureva’s newest technology; Nureva Span System. The Nureva Span Software is a cloud-based solution that bridges the gap between pixel and paper. It offers an expansive digital canvas allowing others to take notes, sketch images, share creative ideas and solve problems. Unlike other conventional software, Span requires no user guide whatsoever. This means you can start collaborating instantly, allowing you to focus strictly on your ideas, and not the technology.



Design thinking: Create a digital space where problems are defined (and redefined), ideation is inclusive and design reviews are simple and collaborative. With Nureva Span System, you’ll gather the best ideas from your teams and then work through them together, all on the same cloud-cased canvas.


Agile: Trade in your sticky-note wall for a digital solution that takes the best aspects of paper-based processes and brings them into the digital age. The Nureva Span System helps agile teams to visualize workflow as they collaborate, keeping them on track and aligned whether in the same office or distributed across the world.


K-12 education: Help every student develop the skills they need for future success. Rather than passively consuming information, learners can capture their thoughts on personal devices, share them on an expansive canvas and then work with classmates to deepen understanding.


Learn more about Nureva Span here and contact us to come see it in person!



Steelcase and Microsoft Creative Spaces Surface Hub

Creative Spaces featuring the Surface Hub, from Steelcase and Microsoft

Creativity isn’t just for artists and musicians anymore: it’s for everyone. Although it is often surrounded by an aura of mystery and unattainability, creativity is a process in which we can all engage and a characteristic that we can all encourage in each other. The new partnership between Steelcase and Microsoft is all about exploring how the thoughtful integration of places and technology can support the ways people create.

Steelcase and Microsoft have introduced an array of “Creative Spaces” featuring the Surface Hub to help people generate new ideas, solve problems, and keep them moving forward. There are five different categories of “Creative Space”, each harnessing the powers of the place and design in a unique fashion in order to foster a particular kind of creative energy.

The Focus Studio: A solo workspace, configurSteelcase Microsoft Creative Spaces Surface Hubed with V.I.A walls to keep out ambient noise and reduce visual distraction, while also featuring AirTouch and Miracast to facilitate quick shifts for bouts of two-person consultation.



The Duo Studio: Steelcase Microsoft Creative Spaces Surface HubDesigned for pairs in ongoing collaboration, Ology tables and Umami lounges provide many easily reconfigurable options to keep the energy flowing, and allowing for space for others to join in when the time is right. The Surface Hub’s “I’m Done” security feature also removes content from the previous session, encouraging rapid starts for new collaboration.


The Ideation Hub:Steelcase Microsoft Creative Spaces Surface Hub An active, high-tech destination that encourages participation and contribution from co-located or distributed teammates. Stool height seating encourages movement and interaction with the Surface Hub, which is integrated with V.I.A. walls to both provide unparalleled privacy and focus while also enhancing remote participation via Skype for Business.


The Maker Commons: SocialiSteelcase Microsoft Creative Spaces Surface Hubzing ideas and rapid prototyping are key elements in the modern creative process. This space supports a range of postures – seated, standing, lounging, perching — encouraging movement and flow between conversation, experimentation, and concentration. Brody WorkLounges create a cocooning micro-environment within the open plan to sketch or take notes on Surface Pro4 when inspiration strikes.


The Respite RoSteelcase Microsoft Creative Spaces Surface Hubom: When it comes to working creatively, being able to relax and recharge is just as important as active group work, and that is what this space is all about. Relaxed postures support diffused attention and allow the brain to wander, which can lead to ‘eureka!’ insights, while V.I.A. walls create acoustic privacy and visual relief, allowing the brain to rest, form new connections and access spontaneous ideas.

The Microsoft Surface Hub, a powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together naturally,  is central to the design of all of the different Creative spaces.

Surface Hub enables engaging and productive meetings with its large multi-touch display, responsive pen and inking experience, built-in video conferencing and on-board Office apps. You can walk up and join a Skype for Business meeting with a single tap, and share content effortlessly, so that you spend your time connecting to people rather than technology. And since you can easily send meeting notes and content after your meeting ends, you can save time and effort by instantly communicating outcomes and action points.

Contact us at to bring the Surface Hub and “Creative Spaces” to your office and transform the way you work.

Check out this video about Creative Spaces with Microsoft Hub!